Engineering Lead.

Engineering lead; business outcomes-driven software architect and data-science engineer with a repeatedly-proven ability to decompose large systems into manageable and discrete components, and to get teams to deliver.

Makes it happen - makes everyone productive, attentive to details, ensure that we all know what we are setting out to achieve. Removes road-blocks, finds solutions to problems, does not shrug shoulders when things that should be done are not.

Requirements gathering, business design, technical design, estimation, label gathering and verification, project communication and team-leading skills have been honed over many years of delivering to both fixed-time and fixed-price engagements and being an in-house expert.

Understands the operations world and the very different criteria under which they work. Understands the data science world and how to enable their work to be deployed to production and release their value to the business.

An excellent communicator constantly adding business value by bridging business, data science and technology.


  • Content Management platforms and strategies
  • Content and data migration
  • Effects of system design on usability and adoption
  • Product evolution and roadmap
  • Product evaluations
  • Open-source non-relational datastores
  • Python
  • Graph databases
  • Mapping, GIS, geography.