PADRE: That's why there's only two drives, two types of drives I use in my NASes right now. One is Western Digital Red because that's got the TLER control, so you can essentially say, don't figure it out, the NAS does everything, just let the NAS do it.

Steve: Time Limited Error Recovery.

PADRE: Right. And the second one is Seagate's IronWolf series, which is often because I've got a bunch of 8TB drives. They also run cool. I think they will do TLER reconfiguration, as well. But, yeah, I've had so many drives from different manufacturers, including Seagate and Hitachi, that I put into NASes, and they just - they don't do well.

Given that I have a NAS, and one that needs bigger drives for that matter ...

Wed 2017-06-28

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