It's been a year since my original Getting started with Pelican post and clearly I didn't write at all - why not?

Part of it was that I'd little interesting to say, but part was that I had trouble with how I had Pelican set up and with how I published to github. I'd started using plugins - a good thing - but I foolishly started to customise them in their installed location and not in a source-code-managed local subdirectory. If I was only ever going to publish from that one machine then I'd have gotten away with my foolishness, but I wanted to/needed to blog both from home and the office - yet my Pelican code was different and I didn't have a way of keeping them in sync.

I could have fixed that problem by moving the code to a plugins sub-directory, but there was something else too that bothered me. It still bothers me to be honest, but I don't know if the fault is mine, github's, writers of other "how to publish Pelican sites on github pages" articles - or most likely - a combination of all.

Instead of one repository with different branches - the route I'd tried to use (with some limited success) _ I now use two different repos and gitmodules.

The short version is that I have to hold the sources - the content, the theme, the plugings and settings. This is my "here I do work" repo. In the (Pelican standard) output folder I have my output directory as a git(sub)module to$ cat .gitmodules
[submodule "output"]
    path = output
    url =
    ignore = all

All thanks - and quick write-ups that are both useful and readable - for this goes to:

Other sites with advice I'd like to take are: