Getting started with Pelican since I'd quite like to have somewhere that I can refer to. Why not use the automatic pages from GitHub? I don't know really - other than I'd quite like to do it myself and who know's how long GitHub pages will be here?

This is now my fourth "blogging" platform and this time I'd quite like to have my own content here to hand when it's time to migrate to the fifth.

So: knowing I didn't want a platform tie-in, and I wanted a static site generator, why not use Jekyll? I simply couldn't get it installed and working on Mac OSX El Capitan. A newish feature of OSX has prevented loading/changing modules in the protected system space, and I wasn't going to start listening to "advice" that said "just hack it in with sudo" nor getting back into the homebrew mess again.

At this point it's now down to a preference for Markdown, python and simplicity.