We take quite a few photos and I'm forever reinventing how I look after them. Here's where I am at at the moment:

  • Photos come from a few different cameras
  • Aperture (now 3.2.4) is what we use to manage them
  • All photos/videos are imported
  • Good ones get a 3 start rating, very good a 4 and the best a 5.
  • Rejected, one and two star photos are deleted - unrated get to live for another day
  • I export full size JPGs to my ~/Pictures/ApertureExports into subdirectories for each year.
  • After exporting I use (the very excellent) exiftool to change the ctime of the file to be the photos's Original Datetime: (see the code block below)
  • I have a ReadyNAS server for backups.
  • I mount the NAS and rsync the exports: (see the code block below)

    exiftool "-filemodifydate<datetimeoriginal" .

    rsync -rv --delete --progress --times \ /Users/Shared/ApertureExports/ \ /Volumes/nasmedia/Pictures/BestApertureExports/