It's getting to be a wonder what's happening overnight. Here are some data points to ponder:

  • 27th: 6.5@3:22, 3.6@7:02: is this down to one glass of wine last night?
  • 26th: 19.6@3:35: was that me overdoing the recovery from a 4.7 the evening before?
  • 25th: 13.0@9:01: no clue
  • 24th: 14.0@8:37: no clue
  • 23rd: 14.9@4:51: recovery from a 2.3 at 20:54 the previous

It seems clear that the jury is out on whether or not the overnights are working: Is there still too much insulin being pushed through in the dead of night?

It would seem that having stable bedtime readings is even more important as the proportion of background insulin is smaller now than ever before at night. It also seems that even a small amount of alcohol has a significant effect. Next up is to get the graphing software from Roche running at home - that may make some things a little easier to spot.

Tue 2009-10-27

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